How does your pick-up and drop-off work?  — Our circular driveway provides easy pick up and drop-off for your child.  The teacher will greet your child each morning at the door. This is very convenient if you have other children in the car.


How will I know my child is progressing in preschool? – We have 2 parent teacher conferences during the school year.  One is in November and the other in February. Also, a simple written evaluation is given to each parent in February and the last day of school in May. A conference may be requested at anytime throughout the school year by the teacher and/or parent.


What if my child cries when I drop him/her off at school? — We know that coming to school is a new experience for most children. Our experienced and caring teachers will help make the transition as smooth as possible. Most children will only cry for a few minutes when they arrive. We can call you with a quick update and let you know how they are doing.


What if my child has food allergies? – We serve a small snack and juice daily to the students. We are able to accommodate children with food restrictions/allergies. We will work closely with you to make sure your child is safe. All of our staff is trained to administer the EpiPen in case of allergic reactions.


Do the children get to go outside?  — Yes, we have a safe, gated outdoor play area for the children to go outside every day weather permitting.


How do you handle bathroom accidents?  — Each classroom has its own bathroom that is equipped with a child size toilet.  If your child is still struggling with toilet training, we ask that you provide a back-up set of clothing in their backpack in case of an accident.  Our teachers will assist them with any soiled clothing.  Children do not need to be potty trained for our 2 ½ class.


Does the school take field trips? — No. We do not take field trips. However, we do bring in resource people throughout the school year to speak with the children.


What will my child learn in preschool? – We have two major goals for your child here at School Readiness Center.  First, we want your child to have a fun, positive first school experience in a caring and nurturing environment.  Second, is that your child is truly prepared for kindergarten.  School Readiness Center aligns its curriculum with Illinois’ Early Learning  Standards. (http://www.illinoisearlylearning.org/standards/benchmarks.htm) The Benchmark Index provides a list of early developmental skills for preschool-aged children in which to measure by. Following are just some of the many skills we work on with your child:

Language Skills
Listening skills
Gross Motor Skills
Number Recognition
Colors/Shapes & Patterns
Letter Recognition & Sounds
Following Simple Instructions
Left to Right Progression
Working/Cooperating in group situations


If you have questions or need further clarifications regarding all of the above, please do not hesitate to call me at 630-355-9141.


Amy Folliard
School Readiness Center