Schedule and structure is very important in early childhood development. Below is just a sample of typical day for our preschoolers at School Readiness Center. With each activity, we blend and intertwine early childhood math, reading and science concepts.

Arrival – Teachers will greet your children with a warm welcome every morning and assist getting your child into the school safely.
Quiet Play – While socializing with their classmates, children work on puzzles, matching games, manipulative-type building toys.
Circle Time – Teachers will go over the daily schedule. As a group they will discuss the calendar, weather, project of the day and so much more. They will work on their letter recognition, numbers and patterns too. Children will be assigned daily jobs such as calendar helper, door holder, and cup passer, etc.
Free Play at Centers – Children are able to explore new interactive play with their classmate and play with our kiddy-kitchen, building/LEGO blocks, easel painting, chalks, play dough, dress-up clothes, cars, trucks, pirate ships, games, dolls, crafts, and so much more.
Arts & Crafts Time – Every day children work on a special project of the day that incorporates patterns/numbers or seasonal activities/items they are learning about.
Clean-Up Time – Children are encouraged to work together as a team to help clean up after playtime. This teaches them to take pride in a clean surrounding and teaches them responsibility for their part in play and the mess thereafter.
Snack Time – Nutritious snacks and juice are served daily. This allows the children social interaction with their classmates while learning basic manners too.
Outdoor Play – Weather permitting, we try to play outdoors everyday. Our playground is fenced and offers many outdoor activities for children to play in groups or individually.
Music & Gross Motor Activities – We often play music to encourage the children to dance and sing. We also introduce children to small musical instruments and group play. We incorporate many activities to engage large motor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, throwing, catching, balance, etc.
Story Time -Teachers will read daily during circle time and after clean up. Books become the basis of the daily theme such as the shapes they may be learning. For example, we might read a book about stars and then our project will incorporate the shape of a star and we will use star cookie cutters with the playdough.
Dismissal – Time to go! We had a great day at School Readiness Center!